SCS-2: Single Corn Sheller


  1. Little to no seed carryover through careful design
  2. Can Handle a very wide range of ear shapes and sizes without changes
  3. Minimal kernel damage with rubber-covered shelling rollers
  4. Designed for efficient use by a single operator
  5. Clean operation thanks to suction-type seed cleaner with zippered bag for dust collection

Length (mm)800
Width (mm)700
Height (mm)1320
Motor3/4 HP

PricingCDN $U.S $
SCS-2 (110V/60Hz)$17,189$12,732
SCS-2 (220V/50Hz)$17,595$13,033
Large Shelling Roller$802$594
Spiral Roller$802$594
Top Roller$626$463

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