CB-1: Column Blower



  1. Cleans out quickly and completely between samples.
  2. Clear acrylic column allows the sample to be seen at all times.
  3. Airflow can be regulated precisely to give optimum cleaning of each sample.
  4. Dust bag with zippered bottom for easy clean-out keeps the work area clean.
  5. Important Note: This seed cleaner is not suitable for cleaning corns and soybeans.
    Height (mm)860
    Length (mm)350
    Width (mm)300
    Column Inside Diameter (mm)63
    Cup Height (mm)50
    Max Sample Size (g)10

PricingCDN $U.S $
CB-1 (110V/60Hz)
Bag Trash Catcher$4,092$3,031
Easy Clean-out Trash Catcher$5,429$4,021
Acrylic Trash Catcher$5,477$4,057
CB-1 (220V/50Hz)
Bag Trash Catcher$4,503$3,335
Easy Clean-out Trash Catcher$5,734$4,247
Acrylic Trash Catcher$5,797$4,294
Small Column Seed Cup (CB-1)$87$64

Video Overview

Acrylic Trash Catcher Version

Bag Trash Catcher Version


Easy Clean-out Version

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